Ius ad Veritatem

This association was created following a meeting of people concerned about the continued defamatory campaign against Poland and the Polish people. Our intention is to remind you how much the Poles have suffered and to what extent the public opinion about „Polish death camps” or  „Polish anti-Semitism” has become unfavourable. Now that the last witnesses are passing away the obligation to recall the truth will weigh heavily on future generations. Many years after the war, the certainty that everyone knows how it happened is just an illusion. In the media „media”, the truth is replaced by the vision of the producer. The chronological accuracy of who, when, how,  why and the context of historical events is destroyed by the search for sensationalism and attempts to shock or shame the viewer. This is why the opinion of successive generations, deprived of basic historical knowledge, is created by the new medias and the ways to access it. Knowledge and views depend on the selected stations and websites. Lies repeated several times (fake news) becomes common and then are considered as the truth. Increasingly, people are misrepresenting information and duplicating what they have heard.

We believe that only the truth is interesting. We research and verify media information. We correspond with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Ministry of Education of the Auschwitz-Birkenau,  Museum, Dulag 121, Pawiak and IPN to sensibilise these communities to the extermination of the Polish nation and lead to a coherent educational program for young Poles. We want them to know the facts that make Poland a unique country during the occupation. Our ancestors did not hesitate to give their lives to defend honour and the oppressed. They did not go to fight for plunder but to defend their homeland and their loved ones. They did not go to cooperate with the invader and, as such, we were the only country to create a clandestine state. We have been exterminated for that.

Together we have organized the „Auschwitz Conference” and the symposium „Gas Chambers in the Tunnel of the West Warsaw Railway Station”. Now, as an association, we just organized an action in front of the German embassy to read the names of the people who helped the Jews during the German occupation and a list of prisoners from Krakow and surrounding areas who were deported to KL Auschwitz.